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Your Opinions Are Wanted

A couple of items will be on the council agenda shortly that I am bringing to your attention, and at the end I placed a link for you to provide me with your opinion.

First, two developments are being proposed in our community. 490 Shaftesbury Blvd and at the old Chapman School property. Both applications are asking to build apartment/condo buildings.

The Manitoba government recently announced investigating a case of Avian Flu (bird flu) in the province. You can read the details here. In addition, Winnipeg City Council is meeting next week to vote on allowing people to have chickens in their backyards. How do you feel about this, in favour or opposed?

The municipal election is this October. One of the items that voters could address is the current model of the Executive Policy Committee under the complete control of a Mayor. Thus, giving the group a majority every time, handpicked by the mayor. Winnipeg is the only city left in Canada with such a governance model.

Please watch my video here and let me know if EPC should stay or go?

Please take a moment to visit my website at this link feedback to provide your answer to the above questions.

Your opinions are important to me. They allow me to do a better job representing you and our city.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. But, of course, a simple yes or no is also acceptable.


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