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What People Say about Kevin Klein

Rob Carver

I’ve known Kevin Klein for about six years, but I’ve come to know him closely, at a personal level, over the past year. When Kevin asked me to help in his campaign for mayor, I was honoured. I knew he had the experience, wisdom, drive, and, most importantly, the integrity to be mayor. 

Kevin never treated me or anyone else on his team like employees. It felt like a family, and in fact, his family was there with us. Early on in the campaign, I was hit with a medical issue, forcing me to scale back my role significantly. I expected Kevin to ask me to muscle through and continue in my role. Instead, what I got were compassion and empathy. In the midst of a mayoral campaign, he stopped everything to see if he could help. I knew then I had made the right choice to back him for mayor. 

Kevin will bring the same humanity and integrity to the residents of Kirkfield Park as their MLA. 

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Kevin has demonstrated through his years of public service that he has the experience to listen, to work hard and I believe will be a strong voice for all the constituents of Kirkfield Park, I ask you to give Kevin the same honour you gave me, to represent Kirkfield Park in the Manitoba Legislature.

Stuart Murray, Former Kirkfield Park MLA

Stuart Murray

“I am proud to have known Kevin Klein for many years. He is intelligent, well read, personable, an incredibly hard worker and exudes common sense. 


Most importantly, Kevin is upfront and honest. He is a family man and a man of integrity. 

Kevin is a thoughtful listener and cares about everyone and everything he is involved in. 

Kevin has the trust of his former Civic constituents and has a proven track record.

People are drawn to Kevin when they engage with him. 


Our Provincial Legislature would be very lucky to have a solid individual who will speak his mind and fight for our province. 


In my opinion and  countless others opinion,  Kevin Klein is the best choice to lead Kirkfield Park.”

Jan Currier
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I am writing this as a character reference for Kevin Klein. I have personally and professionally known Kevin over the past five years. We served together as board members on the Winnipeg Police Board. While I did not always agree with his views and recommendations, I came to understand his motivation.


During his campaign for Mayor, I spent time getting to know Kevin and gained respect for his integrity and honesty. This man is not a typical bureaucrat. He expresses himself in a manor that many might not appreciate. He believes in Winnipeg and Manitoba. He asks questions and listens. You might not always like what he says. He speaks his mind and is willing to collaborate.


I’ve come to trust him. I’ve worked in our community for 57 years. I’d like to believe that Kevin Klein is a man of good character.

Brian Scharfstein
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Dorothy Dobbie

I have known Kevin Klein for over a decade and have found him to be an honourable man who holds strong convictions and who will fight to see them through, both for himself and for others. 


As the CEO and Publisher of the Winnipeg Sun, Kevin directed a large staff of people who respected and looked up to him for his leadership and his skill in working with and bringing out the best in people. He was willing to lend the strength of his paper to the support of our local publishers' association and was actively involved.


Kevin is a father and a grandfather and he and his wife, Heather, have a blended family of six. He is a community man who for years has volunteered as a hockey coach and referee and who also taught judo to disadvantaged young people in the core area. 


He is a man of utmost integrity. He is not afraid to speak truth to power! He does his homework and uses his considerable intellectual skills to look for answers and to solve problems.


We would be blessed to have him as a member of the Manitoba Legislature. Kevin Klein is exactly the kind of person we need on our front benches for the good of this whole province. Kirkfield is very lucky to have him as a candidate.

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"I had the opportunity to work with Kevin for almost 2 years in Winnipeg City hall as his Executive Assistant. Kevin is a man of integrity who values what is honest, true, noble, trustworthy, kind, and right. 


He respects everyone, cares for others, and never gives up to stand for rightness. People who worked for Kevin or worked with Kevin, can all agree on one thing, his respect for everyone was equal and ethical.


In the past 4 years in City hall, I have seen him working hard with honest intentions for the residents of his ward and there's no doubt that he will do the same for the people of Kirkfield Park."

Imran Fahim

“I have known Kevin Klein for over 17 years both on a professional basis, during my time as President & CEO of Peak of the Market, and on a personal basis as a very close friend.  Kevin has the highest ethical standards, integrity, and honesty.

I know firsthand his outstanding character and the positive reputation that he deserves. Kevin is very hardworking for his community, and deeply cares about others. Shelley, my wife, and I are proud to call Kevin and his spouse Heather good friends. I have seen the love and passion that Kevin has for Winnipeg and all of Manitoba. Our province would be extremely fortunate to have Kevin as an MLA.”

Larry McIntosh
Gina Mogan

I have admired Kevin Klein’s style of politics during his  2018 to 2022 run as councillor for Tuxedo Westwood Charleswood.

He kept his constituents informed about community issues. He fought hard at City Hall for those constituents. He answered peoples’ calls and emails at all times of the day many of them after office hours.

I was not a constituent of Kevin’s… so you may ask how do I know him? In the past civic election I was the volunteer coordinator for his run at mayor’s seat therefore worked closely with him and his team.

I spoke daily with many of his constituents who all repeatedly said the same thing:  Kevin constantly spoke up for his constituents with honesty and integrity. Kevin is a person who gets the job done-Kevin informs and communicates clearly to his community about current events and holds many public forums/community meetings to do so. Kevin Klein is a top notch communicator that will achieve success for the residents of Kirkfield Park .

David Howard,

CEO  - Homes For Heroes Foundation

I have known Kevin Klein for several years through his passion to bring the Homes For Hereso program to the great city of Winnipeg. When our team felt that we had exhausted every avenue to get a Veterans Village for homeless Veterans built in Winnipeg and we began to focus on another municipality, Kevin stepped in and brought new life to the campaign. Kevin helped our team navigate the municipal politics, secure lands for the build, secure corporate partners, advocate for a partnership with the Province of Manitoba, and ultimately moving towards Home For Heroes building the Winnipeg Kinsmen Veterans village in the community of Transcona in the fall off 2023.


I know Kevin to be an extraordinary leader, a dedicated community builder, a man of his word, and a genuine person. Without reservation, I can happily recommend as the new MLA for Kirkfield Park, Winnipeg. 

I  have had the honour of working with Kevin through two campaigns, as a member of his Westwood Advisory Committee and a constituent of his ward for 4 years and now on his campaign to become our MLA in Westwood. If I was to use three words to describe Kevin it would be honourable, dependable and committed.  Honourable being the key one. 


Kevin does not suffer bullies or unethical people.  To suggest that there is any reason to question his ethics because he worked for Nygard is completely absurd! He has never tried to hide the fact that he worked for him nor the reason he left..   This dishonest smear campaign is appalling and merely shows the low and unethical character of those who are attempting to benefit by such lies! Kevin’s character is without blemish here. It’s his opponents who should be ashamed here!

Judy Saxby
Hannon Bell

I have always been impressed by Kevin Klein`s passion in life, career and people and for the issues that are important to him.

That was proven in his personal life and public life as he was resilient and acted with integrity as he never was satisfied with the status quo in his time as Councillor for Tuxedo, Charleswood, Westwood in the Chambers of Winnipeg City Hall


Never one to just accept, he questioned issues with careful intelligence and offered solutions.

I strongly believe the constituents of Kirkfield Park will benefit from these important traits and Kevin Klein will hold the position of MLA for the Kirkfield Park riding to the high standards the citizens of Winnipeg and Kirkfield Park can expect.

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We have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Kevin Klein on heritage issues and advisory community committees over the past several years in his position as City Councillor for the Charleswood, Westwood, Tuxedo ward. We have always found Kevin’s conduct to be honest, respectful, and trustworthy.  It was easy to have meaningful dialogues with him, and we have observed how graciously he treated others with diplomacy and fairness.  In his role as board or committee chair, Kevin proved to be an excellent leader and he would also take time to listen to others and treat everyone with mutual respect and honesty.  It was a pleasure to know Kevin and see his unwavering commitment to ‘bringing better’ to the Community. 


Barry K. & Bonita Hillman

The Historical Museum of St. James – Assiniboia

Professional Endorsement from LinkedIn

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Hannon Bell Endorses Kevin Klein for Mayor

Hannon Bell, endorses Kevin Klein for Mayor of Winnipeg.

Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 5.31.13 PM.png

Vaibhav Varma Endorses Kevin Klein for Mayor

University of Manitoba student, Vaibhav Varma, endorses Kevin Klein for Mayor of Winnipeg.

Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 2.28.28 PM.png

Rob Carver Endorses Kevin Klein for Mayor

Community leader and respected member of the #Winnipeg Police Service, Rob Carver, has endorsed Kevin Klein for Mayor and joins the team as Director of Media Relations.

Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 7.46.26 PM.png

Baljinder Bhumbe Endorses Klein for Mayor

Community leader Baljinder Bhumber endorses Kevin Klein as the next Winnipeg Mayor. 


kevin klein and nacny cooke

Nancy Cooke Endorses Klein for Mayor

Nancy Cooke not only endorses Kevin Klein for Mayor of #Winnipeg, she is also the Campaign manager for the 2022 election.

Kevin Klein

George Sigurdson Endorses Kevin Klein as Mayor

A long time community leader and successful business owner, George Sigurdson, endorses Kevin Klein as our Winnipeg Mayor.

kevin Klein homes for heroes

Dave Howard, Homes for Heroes, endorses Klein as Mayor.

Dave Howard, CEO, and Founder of Homes for Heroes, shared the many issues he faced with Winnipeg City Hall and endorsed Kevin Klein as the Mayor who can and will get things done.

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