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Meet Kevin

Kevin and his wife, Heather, are the proud parents of six children and three grandchildren.

Like many others, Kevin has not had an easy journey. He credits his mother for teaching him to be resilient, to set goals and work hard to achieve them. Unfortunately, his mother’s life, Joanne, was cut short by domestic violence.


This experience has led Kevin to work to bring awareness to domestic violence and to change domestic violence laws. 

Kevin is a proud Métis Canadian and he continues to explore, working with elders in Manitoba to research his connections to our Indigenous community. This exploration has heightened his desire to work with Indigenous communities.


He volunteers his time mentoring youth from all walks of life to share his hope for the future. With hard work, determination and connections to people who believe in you, anything is possible.

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Kevin has been the councillor for Charleswood, Tuxedo, Westwood since 2018. He has been dedicated to serving the people of his ward. He has demonstrated this dedication by living up to his commitments when he ran for the council seat. He has challenged how the City spends your hard earned money and fought to increase accountability and transparency at City hall. He continues to ask tough questions and challenge the status quo.

Kevin has a history of bringing people together to find solutions and move projects forward.


Kevin was a finalist in Canada's Top Forty Under Forty. His experience in business nationally and internationally combined with his dedication to the community is instrumental in making Winnipeg a better place to live.


Imagine what can be accomplished when we all work together!

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" We can either spend our time, energy, and resources propping up a mortally damaged institution or we can begin again. Reinvent. Make it new and bold. 
We keep piling on to a system that hasn’t worked in decades and expect the sinking ship will eventually right itself."

Kevin Klein

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Working Hard for a Better Winnipeg

Secured Homes for Heroes location and funding

Approved donation of flashing amber lights in School zones

Preserved 1000 acres of parks in the City

Preserved the Kildonan Library

Improved more parks in the ward than any councillor before him

Emergency signal system on transit buses

Exposed issues kept behind closed doors

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