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Kevin Klein stands as the epitome of transformative leadership, making him an ideal keynote speaker for any conference, convention, or fundraiser. His diverse and impressive background in politics, media, and corporate governance reflects his unwavering determination, strategic acumen, and deep commitment to societal betterment. As a former Minister of Environment and Climate and Member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, Kevin's influential political career demonstrates his dedication to community welfare and safety. His role as a Winnipeg city council member and Chair of the Winnipeg Police Service further underscores his commitment to public service.

Beyond politics, Kevin's expertise as a speaker, consultant, and advisor has left a lasting impact on audiences globally. His eloquence and insight have resonated at prestigious conferences and workshops, establishing him as a thought leader in critical areas such as domestic violence, public policy, communications, and media relations. Kevin's ability to captivate listeners and stimulate meaningful conversations is unparalleled.

In the realm of media, Kevin's two-decade-long career culminated in his role as the Chief Executive Officer of Sun Media in Manitoba and a divisional president for MTS. His exceptional leadership and strategic prowess were recognized with prestigious accolades, including being a Finalist in Canada's Top Forty Under Forty. His transition into guiding national and international organizations in government relations showcases his ability to navigate complex media landscapes and safeguard organizational brands.

Kevin's personal tragedy, the loss of his mother to domestic violence, has fueled his fervent advocacy against this societal scourge. His powerful voice and tireless efforts to raise awareness and reform legislation make him a catalyst for change. His advocacy work extends to fundraising events, conferences, and universities across North America, sparking critical conversations and dismantling the silence surrounding domestic violence.

In essence, Kevin Klein's multifaceted expertise, coupled with his dedication to societal causes, renders him an exceptional speaker. He is not just a speaker; he is a beacon of hope, empowering organizations and communities to reach new heights of success and social impact. His presence at any event would undoubtedly inspire, educate, and catalyze positive change, making him an ideal choice for your conference, convention, or fundraiser.

Book Kevin today for your event. Call 431 488 0302 or email

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Personal Achievements

  1. Minister of Environment and Climate 

  2. Member of the Legislative Assembly in Manitoba

  3. Chair Winnipeg Police Board

  4. Finalist in Canada's Top 40 Under 40

  5. Winnipeg City Councillor

Professional Services

  1. Communications Advisor.

  2. Media Relations. 

  3. Keynote Speaker.

  4. Crisis Communications. 

  5. Government Analyst.

  6. Prepare Public Communications.

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