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Is The EPC Model Outdated? Is It Helping?

In 2014 then-candidate Brian Bowman told the Winnipeg Free Press EPC has traditionally been a "breeding ground for patronage and comfortable top-ups" that fosters divisions on council and mistrust among the public.

Fast forward to 2022, and EPC is alive and well under this council. It could be different, but most who served on EPC would not welcome change. Look at the EPC team from 2016 to 2022. Many current councillors stayed on EPC. Scott Gillingham, John Orlikow, Brian Mayes, Cindy Gilroy, and Matt Allard. If they wanted to change the broken system, they could have stepped down but did not.

Winnipeg City Hall is currently reviewing the council's governance model, the perfect time for a change.

However, some councillors have said they don't feel the EPC model is unfair or dysfunctional. However, those are councillors who have sat on EPC for years.

I believe it's time for a change, a new vision, a better way. Listen in to what I shared with my colleagues.

Can you identify one thing positive that only happened because of EPC? If the system benefited all people, you would be able to list at least three, right?


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