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Our Winnipeg Opens Door to Revised Impact Fee & Less Green Space

WINNIPEG, MB. - Councillor Kevin Klein (Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood) has many concerns with the proposed Our Winnipeg Plan. The most concerning is the lack of a Cost-Benefit Analysis which he believes sets the stage for a revised impact fee.

"Previously, plans similar to this required cost-benefit analysis. Why would this leadership and administration leave the most critical information out?" says Klein. “We lost a multi-million-dollar lawsuit on impact fees because cost-benefit analysis indicated development paid for development. I can only assume they didn't include it because they don't want residents to know the facts."

Klein has sent four motions to the Mayor's Executive Policy Committee (EPC) members, asking them to move each motion on his behalf because non-members of the EPC are not permitted to introduce motions at EPC for the Our Winnipeg Plan.

One is asking the Executive Policy Committee to lay over any decision regarding the Our Winnipeg Plan and direct the Public Service to initiate a third party to perform a Cost-Benefit Analysis to indicate if development pays for development.

Another, asking the Executive Policy Committee to direct the Public Service to remove all development options (large and small) for park zoned land (natural areas, golf lands, and large parks) from the Our Winnipeg Plan.

One would direct the Public Service to include a policy in Our Winnipeg that would claim 7 meters of land from the river as 'right of way" and not allow development, other than parks or paths, unless already separated by a city street.

And the final is to direct the Public Service to remove the development option from the Repurposing of Golf Lands from the Our Winnipeg Plan.

"Green is the new gold," said Klein. The Our Winnipeg Plan is another example of hypocrisy. This leadership has condemned the province for considering bills during COVID to continue pushing this unfinished Our Winnipeg Plan through."

The Four Motions Klein has Offered


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