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A Discussion for the Undecided

Winnipeg, Man. (October 24, 2022) - I have listened to thousands of Winnipeggers who are about to cast their ballot in a significant Winnipeg election. Residents have told me they are concerned with the many critical issues facing our city. Crime is at some of the worst levels we have ever experienced. We have had over 41 homicides in ten months, our homelessness situation is at a crisis level, inflation is at a 30-year high, and never in our history has so much taxpayer money been spent to deliver such poor service to residents.

We know there are thousands of undecided voters who simply don’t want huge tax and fee increases and they want a mayor who will tackle crime. Mayoralty candidate Kevin Klein will host a round-table discussion for undecided voters on Winnipeg's many issues. The round table will be Live on Facebook Tuesday, October 25, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Kevin will be joined throughout the event by various guests who will talk about crime, homelessness, addictions, the financial status of the city, and other issues critical to Winnipeggers.

Kevin and his guests will be taking questions from the Facebook audience.


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