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"Mom" and "Dad", words matter. Don't give in to extremists on gender-neutral language.

"Mom" and "Dad" matter. Don't give in to extremists on gender-neutral language.
Words matter (Photo Credit Winnipeg Sun)

On March 7th the Government of Manitoba issued the following News Release:


The Manitoba government is introducing amendments to the Statutes and Regulations Act and the Interpretation Act that would ensure gender-neutral language is used in Manitoba’s legislation, Justice Minister Matt Wiebe announced today.

“Removing gendered language is an important step towards ensuring equality and inclusivity for women and the 2SLGBTQ+ community are reflected in legislation,” said Wiebe. “This is a first step in ensuring that Manitoba’s laws and the services Manitobans receive reflect their identities and are inclusive of women, trans and non-binary people.”

I have some serious concerns with these amendments not only because in service of being inclusive of a very small group of people, it excludes the vast majority of people. By altering our laws to reflect the subjective and controversial labels of a progressive movement, we will undoubtedly open the doors to even more radical and extreme left-wing ideology in the future.

Permanently encoding the woke narrative into our laws demonstrates that our government is capitulating to the far-left agenda. It won’t be long before the next demand bubbles up.

Examples of even more radical agendas that will likely be next up on the docket include Critical Race Theory being injected into school curriculum and DEI hiring and admission mandates that actually amplify discrimination rather than alleviate it. And the ultimate distortion of gender identity – allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports. We’ve seen it all play out in the U.S. – words and language start out as the thin edge of the wedge and are then followed by far more invasive and radical agendas.

And what are some of words that have so offended those on the left that they require entirely new translations? Well you’re going to have to put away the term “mother” and start referring to her as your “birthing parent.” And oops…he/she/her/him is offside too – they are now collectively referred to as “they”. “Breastfeeding” is a faux pas now too – the acceptable term is now “chestfeeding”. Even my spellcheck hasn’t caught up to that one yet. And whatever you do don’t open your speech with “ladies and gentlemen” if you want to escape unscathed.

I’m not making this stuff up. It’s real – some of it is even laid out like an instruction manual on Government of Canada websites. But you know what else is real, no matter how much the government tries to deny it? Gender, gender is real folks – it’s been that way since our creation. And I doubt my mother would have appreciated me referring to her as my “birthing parent” either.

This has gone too far. What I fail to understand conceptually is why, when we affirm the existence of a non-binary individual (which is fine), must we then preclude the mutual existence of gendered individuals?! In other words, why does the inclusion of one require the exclusion of all others? It makes no sense. The vast majority of mothers identify as, and want to be identified as mother. The very definition of inclusivity is to accommodate ALL people – not to cancel some to include others. Where has our common sense gone?

Here's an example to illustrate my point – last year the principal of an elementary school in a bedroom community just outside of Winnipeg announced to all parents that the school was introducing “Caregiver’s Day” as an observable day to be celebrated by students – but astonishingly Mother’s Day and Father’s Day would also be cancelled insofar as being observed by the school as a day of celebration. The vast majority of parents in the community were mortified and expressed their outrage in emails to the principal. Within 3 days the principal reversed the decision to cancel Mother’s and Father’s Day. Cancelling Mother and Father’s Day to accommodate Caregiver’s Day suggests there is a more deliberate social agenda at play, or at least that people in leadership positions seek to accommodate a very small hypothetical group of people (parents who object to being called “mother” or “father”) at the expense of the vast majority of people who identify with those terms.

And should you dare to object or question the radical left agenda you may find yourself being assailed with any number of derogatory labels, followed shortly by being targeted by a liberal media attack piece. It’s standard operating procedure. And for a while we just watched it all unfold. But the silent majority isn’t staying silent anymore. Radical left-wing tactics are no longer effective. People are speaking up and rejecting these extreme methods. Tolerance doesn’t mean we should have our common sense assaulted and exclude all to accommodate a select few.

Words matter, so when we attempt to include groups of people who haven’t always been included, let’s try to do so without excluding everyone else.

I’m not ready to cancel Mom yet.


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