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Officially Honouring The Grace Hospital Foundation

I had the pleasure of not only participating in Grace Day 2023, I also stood in the Manitoba Legislature to honour the Grace Hospital.

The Grace Hospital has a rich history deeply rooted in our community. Incorporated in 1904 as the Salvation Army Grace General Hospital, it has been a beacon of hope and healing for over a century. From its humble beginnings as a rescue home for women and children on Ross Avenue to its present-day modern facility at 300 Booth Drive, Grace Hospital has continuously evolved to meet the healthcare needs of Kirkfield Park.

Throughout the years, Grace Hospital has been a pillar of strength and compassion, providing exceptional healthcare services to the province. The hospital's commitment to excellence has earned the trust and gratitude of our community, making it an important institution for our well-being.

The Grace Foundation has played a vital role in supporting the hospital's mission. Since its establishment in 1990, the foundation has tirelessly raised funds to enhance patient care, improve facilities, and provide essential medical equipment. Their unwavering dedication has helped shape Grace Hospital into the remarkable institution it is today.

On Grace Day, we come together to express our deep appreciation for the extraordinary contributions of Grace Hospital, the Grace Foundation, and their healthcare professionals. Their passion for others, expertise, and unwavering commitment to our community are commendable.

Grace Day serves as a reminder of the remarkable legacy of Grace Hospital and the Grace Foundation. I also acknowledge our Premier for the 30 million dollars for a significant expansion of the ICU and for the $77 Million since taking government for multiple upgrades. Let us celebrate their rich history, which inspires us, and support their ongoing efforts to provide exceptional care to Kirkfield Park.


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