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You Will be Shocked at What Happened to Jake's Plea For Three More Garbage Bins

You have to ask yourself: what kind of city are we living in? If an elected city councillor, who is supposedly in charge of managing $2 billion of your tax dollars, can't even get approval to purchase 3 trash cans out of their own allotted ward allowance... as requested by the citizens they represent.

Please watch the Video below to listen in.

Previously reported.

I receive calls from residents expressing various concerns within our community and city-wide.

I do, on occasion, receive requests from residents who would like a garbage receptacle at a specific location where they see a build-up in waste.

Despite my many requests, I have been denied each time by the Public Service, who states, "we are not putting out any more garbage bins."

I then began researching and asking questions of the Public Service to provide me with the costs to purchase a bin and staff cost to empty the bin bi-weekly. What do I hear in return, "we can't provide that as different departments are responsible." I find the stance taken by the City unacceptable.

I never give up, and now I am moving a new motion at the request of a young resident, Jake.

Jake sent me a letter identifying areas he felt needed garbage receptacles. The letter is below.

Jake, his Dad, and I spoke via ZOOM, which led to a motion at the Community Committee for three additional garbage bins in the Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood ward at the request of a young resident, Jake.

The motion must pass to move on up ultimately to City Council.


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