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Calling Kirkfield Park Artists & Book Lovers, Young and Old - we need you!

Monday, February 6, 2023 - After a few weeks of painting, cleaning, and putting furniture together, I am excited to announce our community office is open.

The community office is important because we work for you. I would like to hear from you if you have a concern or question or want to discuss solutions. The more I listen, the better I will represent our Kirkfield Park community.

The community office is also a place to celebrate the people of Kirkfield Park. Even though the doors are open, we are missing your touch. We are asking teachers and artists to help us showcase your talents. We need artwork to hang on the walls.

We also ask people to use the community office as a "Book Exchange" location. Please bring books you no longer need. We will have them in the office for others to select from and trade.

Finally, if you are a community sports team, church, social group, school or small Kirkfield Park business, please send us your community notices. We will post them for the community to see, and I will put them on my website and social media to help spread te word.

The community office is at 3015 Portage Avenue, the phone is 202-888-2211, and my email is for all things Kirkfield Park.


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