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Answering a Kirkfield Park Resident Question on Funding Concern

Friday, December 23, 2022 - Yesterday a number of residents reached out to me via email, my website, and social media with questions surrounding grant funding of a non-profit organization, BUILD.

The organization told media they needed $1 million to continue past December, 27, 2022. It was reported the province cut their funding.

I promised the residents who contacted me I would investigate the issue and share any details I learn.

After discussions with officials I was assured our government understands the important work that BUILD Inc. does for the community. That is why the government is happy to continue partnering with BUILD on Manitoba Housing properties and will be issuing an RFP for training services for which BUILD is able to apply.

In addition, I confirmed that on April 2022, our government provided BUILD $485,000 in a bridge grant for them to sustain operations and the province recently renewed the social enterprise funding agreement for BUILD to be one of the contractors of choice for repair and maintenance in Manitoba Housing.

The Social Impact Bond will not be moving forward, work continues on exploring options and finding more partners for social innovation projects.

I was not able to confirm if BUILD Inc. receives funding from any other level of government, federal or municipal, but I will continue researching.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me, As your representative I will investigate and provide you with the facts, and fight to correct a potential wrong.


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