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Act Now, Deadlines Extended for Select Provincial Grants

Wednesday, January 18, 2023 - Communication is important and it was a commitment I made to everyone in Kirkfield Park. Below you will find details on grants your organization may qualify to receive. If you have any issues or questions please call Danelle or me at the community office 204-888-2211.

Building Sustainable Communities (BSC)

This program supports local community development priorities led by municipal leadership and non-profit organizations with leveraged funding from other public, private and philanthropic sources.

The Eligible project applications will be provided with a grant contribution of 50% of project costs up to $75,000 or up to $300,000 for large capital projects.

  • Eligible applicants:

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Charitable organizations

  • Northern Affairs community councils

Since the BSC grant launch in 2019, the program has committed more than $57 million to support over 1,300 community lead projects. Since 2019 these projects have leveraged approximately $135 million from other sources of funding.

The 2022/23 BSC program has supported 430 community projects (out of 634 applications) for a total grant of $25.77M – including 65 large capital projects totalling up to $13.89M and 365 regular stream projects for up to $11.88M.

The PC Team's BSC program provides twice as much funding for community grants than the NDP government provided. We have also removed red tape and provides grant funding in a more simple and fair way, so our government can support the growth of strong communi5es all across Manitoba.

Green Team

  • This grant provides opportunities to support the needs of community-based organizations and young Manitobans, aged 15 to 29, looking for summer employment from May 1st to September 30th.

  • This program includes many different employment opportunities such as recreation, camps and greening and beautification initiatives.

  • Eligible applicants:

  • non-profit organizations in the province

  • municipal governments in rural Manitoba.

  • Non-profit organizations operating on the grant will be able to cover 100 percent of their wage costs plus $250 per position.

  • Municipal governments operating on the grant will receive 50 percent of wage costs covered plus $125 per position on a cost- shared basis.

The Arts, Culture and Sport in Community, Community Celebrations Program

This grant funding is for non-profit organizations in operation for at least one year prior to application, school parent council groups, municipalities (including local authorities such as planning districts), First Nations, Métis locals and Northern Affairs Community Councils are eligible to apply. A non-profit organization is defined as one whose activities are carried out with no financial gain to any of its members.

To be eligible, non-profit organizations must be able to provide evidence, on request, that the organization is active and in good standing.

Ineligible Applicants

  • Individuals

  • For-profit entities

  • Public institutions such as universities, colleges, school boards and hospitals

Applications are now open, with a regular quarterly deadline of September 15, December 15, March 15 and June 15

What do we fund?

  • Events may be a one-time or recurring event, festival or celebration that creates opportunities for Manitobans to celebrate their unique heritage, culture or community; must be located in Manitoba and targeted to Manitobans; must be not-for-profit; and should promote cultural exchange and be rooted in inclusion and belonging.

Ineligible projects -

  • Include those with limited or restricted public access, projects related to religious activities or programs, and projects receiving funding through the Building Sustainable Communities program in the same fiscal year.

How much may we fund?

  • ACSC will provide a provincial contribution of up to 100% of eligible project costs to a maximum of $5,000.

Ineligible project costs include event prizes; alcohol or gambling permits; Creation, production or distribution of souvenirs or items for resale; and capital-related expenses.

Note: Expenses incurred before the application is received are ineligible. If you incur expenses for your project after applying but before receiving written confirmation of your funding approval, you will be doing so at your own risk.

Find more details on all available grant opportunities visit click here.


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