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You Don't Have to be Old to be Important - Young People Count!

Politics shapes our world, influencing policies, decisions, and the overall direction of a society. While political participation has often been associated with older generations, it is essential for young people to engage in politics actively.

One of the primary reasons we need young people like to get involved in politics is to amplify their voices and perspectives. As future leaders and inheritors of societal challenges, young people possess unique insights and fresh ideas to help reshape policies.

We know young people can bring attention to issues affecting their generation, such as climate change, student debt, and social justice. Participation of young people ensures a more inclusive and diverse decision-making process. That may result in well-rounded policies that address the needs of all citizens.

Political decisions often have long-lasting consequences that disproportionately affect younger generations. Economic inequality, climate change, and social justice require sustainable and forward-thinking solutions. When young become engaged in politics, they can help shape policies that promote intergenerational equity, ensuring a fair and just society for all.

I strongly believe in the value of diverse voices and perspectives in politics. We must actively seek to increase youth representation and promote inclusivity within the party structures. I recognize that young people have unique experiences and ideas that can contribute to shaping policies and decision-making.

We have children and grandchildren. I will fight to make Manitoba an affordable place for them to live, work, and start a family. It is no secret that we cannot tax and spend our way to a prosperous future. It’s not fair to our young people. We cannot take on more debt to pay for votes today and put that burden on our children and grandchildren.

We are committed to addressing the concerns and priorities of young people. Affordable housing, education, job opportunities, mental health, freedom, and inclusion are particularly important to the young demographic.

Historically, young people have been marginalized in political spheres, with their perspectives dismissed due to age-related biases. Let’s change that together. I welcome the input of our young people and make myself available to them as well as every resident I represent. Please call my office at 204-888-2211 or email


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