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Vacant Derelict Homes and Fires

Kevin Klein speaks with CJOB News about how to fix the derelict homes in Winnipeg in the short-term and the long-term .

Vacant Houses and Bylaw Enforcement

Over the past four years as Councillor, I have put forth several motions to address vacant houses and derelict buildings. I will continue to pursue these and other policies if elected Mayor. The following links are samples of such policies I have put forth:

Examining vacant building fees:

Research on Non-resident speculation and vacant houses

As Mayor, I will work to increase by-law enforcement capabilities. If we have by-laws we should enforce them, especially in areas of public safety.

On the topic of short term rentals and associated by-law enforcement, I have formally raised with the planning and legal departments questions on why certain bed and breakfast property owners require permits and conditional uses whereas others do not. As Mayor, I will continue to hold the City accountable for fair application of by-laws for all residents and businesses. We will not treat people differently based on where they live or type of business.


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