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Unanimous Support for Two Motions Moved by Councillor Klein

I moved two motions at City Hall today (September 2, 2021) to address ongoing issues in our city.

The first is calling for an independent review of wait times for ambulances with the City of Winnipeg.

Wait times and overtime have been growing at an alarming rate over the last seven years. The population has grown by tens of thousands, and the city footprint has expanded over the previous seven years. Unfortunately, there has been no increase in the number of Ambulances serving our community. We have an issue.

We have witnessed substantial growth in the vulnerable resident population over the last seven years.

I believe Winnipeg residents want us to find solutions as leaders in the community. Solutions that will introduce actionable programs that are proven and have a positive impact on all residents.

I have been working with a group that has a proven program. That is in other Canadian cities with a long list of Canadian cities that have invited them to help their community. I would like them in Winnipeg first.

So, my second motion was to direct the Public Service to collaborate with the Homes for Heroes Foundation immediately. I also urge all residents and media outlets to visit to learn more about the organization and its proven program.

I am pleased to announce that both motions passed unanimously. I thank my colleagues for their full support.

If you have any questions or comments please call me at 204-986-5232 or email, I am happy to discuss further.


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