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Two Residential Traffic Studies Coming Soon

The City of Winnipeg will be launching a couple of in-depth traffic studies on residential streets in our community.

There is a new process for having the City of Winnipeg conduct a study on your street. Residents are required to call 311 and inform them of their desire for traffic calming, which could be speed bumps or any number of other practices. It can also include having no parking signs installed and a new or removal of a stop sign.

Once the initial call is complete, residents will be required to engage with their neighbours to sign a petition to support their specific request.

Recently, residents living on Frank Street in Tuxedo and Elmhurst Road in Charleswood have completed the tasks required, and the City of Winnipeg has approved traffic studies on each street.

Data is collected during the studies on speeds and traffic volumes, which will be reviewed and used to determine whether or not any action is required.


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