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The City's Economic Recovery Plan should Take a Different Approach

The Public Service was directed to develop an economic recovery plan. Speak with key stakeholders in the city to learn what is best. The group has only formally invited The Downtown Winnipeg to the participate fully in the project.

The Public Service is not the appropriate group to lead economic change, we have no experience in the field.

The economy isn't the responsibility of the city. The city mandate is limited to essential services, public safety, and infrastructure. Therefore, this project is outside the realm of where the CFO should be focusing and is not a strong use of city resources.

The Public Service must be focused on getting results. First, we need to create an environment for success and growth. Then, we need to get out of the way!

How do we do that?

  • An expedited permit process costs more, but the permits are turned around faster.

  • Free bus service to downtown and from downtown – get people moving by giving the incentive.

  • We also have to invest in making downtown safe. We cannot ignore the facts to make them go away.

  • At present large gatherings are concerning for people that impact festivals. Remove barriers and allow festivals to close streets for a day through the city at no cost and with little red tape. If people are afraid to attend a festival, let's enable the festival to go to them.

  • Partner with Take Pride Winnipeg to hire 200 students for the remainder of the summer, and let's clean up Winnipeg. The students will spend the money at city businesses, and we get the city cleaned up. It's a win-win.

Any objective implemented should have milestones included that are openly reported quarterly to the public.

Each objective implemented must have the ability to be quickly altered to meet any changes in the economy, pandemic, or early signs of negative results.

Once again, I feel this project is outside the realm of where the CFO should be focusing and is not a strong use of city resources. I don't think politicians understand how exhausting it is for taxpayers right now. The government is filled with hypocrisy, inefficiency, and very little representation of voters' wants or needs.

I would rather see a plan devised by the equal efforts of the stakeholder groups impacted most.

  • Restaurant Association

  • Hotel Association

  • Retail Association

  • Heavy Construction Association

  • Manitoba Home Builders

  • Each improvement zone throughout the city

The fact is, entrepreneurialism and resiliency are essential to Winnipeg's success, not the municipal government, not political interference, and certainly not red tape.

Let's make it easy for people and get out of their way. They will lead us to success if given a chance.


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