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Stance on Gender Based Violence

Winnipeg, Man. (October 1, 2022) - Below you will find my stance towards gender based violence within our community, which I made as a councilor and continue to push for as a mayoral candidate.

I invite you to learn more about my personal experiences with gender based violence and the death of my mother by her partner in childhood. Any violence or exploitation of women is unacceptable and brings a life of pain which I and my siblings have lived.

You can read the story of my mother's murder and it's impact on my life here:

Over my past four years as a Councilor, I have passed many motions to support those who face gender based violence including anonymous participation in City governance for assault survivors, and the development of community safe spaces. You can view some of these motions below:

I also passed a motion to combat sex trafficking within temporary accommodations such as short term rentals and hotels:

The following motion is to lease City property for a Women's Resource Centre

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I have also passed many motions, and called for Special Meetings of Council to work to reduce violence in the community and tackle the safety issues in the transit system, as well as poverty support motions:

Article on Transit Safety

Transit Safety Plan in the News:

Article on Community Safety and City Support to the Main Street Project

Main Street Project and Safety in the News:

Children and Youth Support

Improving Community Safety

I have held several community townhalls focused on addressing the rising City violence with the Winnipeg Police, you can view one here:

Over the past four years, I have taken large steps to improve community safety, many which have been voted down or ignored by Council. As Mayor, I will continue to advocate for such initiatives and work with Council to direct the administration to prioritize and modernize community safety practices.

Community safety is extremely important to my campaign. A City can’t be sustainable or healthy if it’s unsafe.


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