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One Year Update of the Education Action Plan

As your government, when we announce a project, you deserve to be updated on the progress. During my election to be your MLA I committed to providing you regular updates on government projects and here is another.

Wednesday our PC Government released the one-year update on the implementation of the K to 12 Education Action Plan and an updated French immersion policy at the French Immersion Conference with more than 200 educators and administrators from across the province.

“Manitoba’s K to 12 Education Action Plan outlines a vision for student success that builds upon existing strengths and outlines actions to improve the education system for all Manitoba students,” said Ewasko. “Great progress has been made in the first year of implementation, with 60 per cent of the actions already completed or underway. I am excited to share an update with Manitobans about our government’s progress to date and the positive effects the plan will have for students.”

Released in April 2022, the K to 12 Education Action Plan is a five-year roadmap for achieving success for all Manitoba students, no matter where they live, their background or their individual circumstances. The minister noted a number of key actions have been completed, including:

  • the launch of Mamàhtawisiwin: The Wonder We Are Born With , an Indigenous education policy framework;

  • the expansion of the Elders and Knowledge Keepers in Schools Initiative;

  • the release of the final report of the Minister’s Advisory Council on Inclusive Education;

  • the launch of a provincial policy directive and action plan for student presence and engagement;

  • the implementation of the Student Advisory Council;

  • the work of the Poverty and Education Task Force; and

  • the creation of the new Manitoba Education Council.

“Improving literacy and numeracy outcomes for all Manitoba students is a key priority,” said Ewasko. “The priorities across the four pillars in the K to 12 Education Action Plan cumulatively strengthen our education as a whole including focused work on modernizing curriculum, strengthening assessment practices, creating high-quality curriculum implementation resources, creating an equitable funding formula, and supporting student presence and engagement by removing barriers to participation.”

Education partners—including school divisions, schools, teachers, school staff, students, families and communities—have been involved in the Manitoba government’s work to advance the priorities in the action plan, the minister noted, adding that work is underway on a number of other key priorities, including the launch of the updated French Immersion Program policy.

“The French Immersion Program in Manitoba lays the foundation to help students benefit from a rich French immersion experience. It is where they develop their French language proficiency, achieve academic success and cultivate their plurilingual identity,” said Ewasko. “Today, we are launching a new French immersion policy to provide education leadership with the tools to support decision making, and guide conversations with educators, parents and students. This will guide the full implementation of the French Immersion Program in a consistent way across the province.”

Conference attendees from across Manitoba school divisions are networking with colleagues and representatives from stakeholder organizations, and discussing the full implementation of the French Immersion Program in Manitoba.

The conference also celebrates Soeur Dumesnil for her contributions towards increasing the number of Manitoba children who are receiving the opportunity to study and communicate in both of Canada's official languages. This Winnipeg educator, a member of the Order of Canada, has served with distinction since 1973 as principal of the first school to offer a French Immersion program.

To read Manitoba’s K to 12 Education Action Plan Update or for project details, visit

To view the new French immersion policy and a video message from Soeur Dumesnil, visit\

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please call my office at 204-888-2211 or email


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