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New Agreement Reached With The Cabin Owners Association

Tuesday, April 25, 2023 - Today, our PC Government signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Manitoba Provincial Parks Cabin Owners Association.

The new MOU will advance and modernize a collaborative approach to address the interests of approximately 6,200 cottage owners within Manitoba’s provincial parks.

The MOU creates a framework for advancing the relationship between the Manitoba government and the Manitoba Provincial Parks Cabin Owners Association, representing 12 cottage associations in seven of the 15 provincial parks where 80 per cent of cottages are located. The MOU outlines key principles and components that will guide the work on shared priorities, including the provincial park cottage lease and service fee model. The parties have already collaborated on various initiatives, such as a discussion paper on the lease and service fee model framework, the modernization of the Provincial Park Cottager’s Handbook Working Group, and the establishment of a Provincial Parks Cottage Lease and Service Fee Working Group.

“We are relieved to have reached this significant milestone with the Manitoba government,” said Ronald Smith, chairperson, Manitoba Provincial Parks Cabin Owners Association. “This MOU demonstrates our shared commitment to fairness, equity, and transparency for cottage owners in Manitoba provincial parks. It is a testament to our collaborative efforts over the years and will pave the way for even more fruitful co-operation in the future. The key principles and components set out in the MOU establish a framework for collecting land lease fees and a service fee model whereby cottagers pay a fair, equitable, transparent and sustainable share of lease and service fees in relation to all other park users.”

Manitoba has more cottages within its provincial parks than any other province in Canada. Manitoba cottagers contribute nearly $8 million in lease, service, and chief place of residency fees, which is significant, the minister noted, as it is equivalent to 20 per cent of the annual operating budget for all 92 provincial parks.


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