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More Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Coming to Manitoba

Thursday, February 23, 2023 - The Manitoba government is providing $220,000 to two organizations for green transportation projects, including the installation of new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, Environment and Climate Minister Kevin Klein announced today.

“Transitioning to electric vehicles and increasing access to transit will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support a low-carbon economy and ensure affordability for Manitobans,” said Klein. “Green transportation projects play a key role in protecting our environment and water, which is a top priority for our government.”

The minister noted the projects will support technology and infrastructure needed to expand the province’s EV charging network and support collaborative planning for regional green transportation initiatives. The Manitoba government’s contribution will help secure matching funding from other project partners, the minister added.

Eco-West Canada is receiving $150,000 to expand the EV charging network across Manitoba. The project will partner with six municipalities to support the procurement and installation of seven new Level 3 chargers.

“We are happy to partner with the Manitoba government to help our communities adopt greener modes of transportation," said Dany Robidoux, executive director, Eco-West Canada. “There are many benefits to the electrification of transportation. Eco-West Canada is leading the way in Manitoba on the rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, which benefits our communities and our environment.”

The Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities is receiving $70,000 in support of its Southeast Manitoba Regional Transit Initiative. The project is working collaboratively with businesses and stakeholders to assess regional transit needs and will work to develop solutions to the needs identified, the minister said.

“Residents in rural areas have long voiced concerns about transportation challenges and a lack of options makes it difficult for some people to take advantage of employment and educational opportunities, attend health-care appointments or participate in community activities,” said Justin Johnson, executive director, Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities. “This funding allows us to proceed with a wide-ranging regional transit feasibility study in southeast Manitoba.”

For more information on the Made-In-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan, visit:


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