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McHappy Day Fun in our Community

I had the good fortune to celebrate McHappy Day 2022 by working at our local McDonald's locations.

The morning began in Charleswood, working the drive-thru, and finished with my Coffee with Klein, where I listened to some local concerns and some broader city issues.

I spent the lunch hour at the Westwood McDonald's working the Drive-Thru. The staff is incredible. Watching the team was like being inside a machine. So many of these young people are multitasking and working hard to serve.

I wrapped up the day working the dinner hour at the McDonald's on Grant Ave, where I started.

Handed out some City of Winnipeg pins while working the drive-thru and then spent time delivering curb-side orders.

I applaud all the people I met working in the different locations. You made the day enjoyable.


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