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Manitoba has a bright future if we seize the opportunities

Manitoba has a bright future if we do the work
Manitoba has a bright future

In challenging economic and social times like these, it can be hard to see a clear path forward and a light at the end of the tunnel. Canadians are facing an affordability crisis, rising violent crime, and a pending housing shortage, to just list a few. Yet, despite the challenges, I remain optimistic about Manitoba largely because Manitobans have the strength and resilience to manage their way through any issue.  


I have travelled to many countries, and one thing has always struck me - the people of Manitoba really are like no other. It is hard to put your finger on it, but there is something distinct about this land and its people. We have a diverse and unique culture known for being hardy but caring, hard-working but fun-loving and always an indomitable spirit. There is a good reason why it says “Friendly Manitoba” on our license plates. Our strength of character and plucky work ethic is why I am assured we can overcome these challenges. It’s who we are that can and will make a difference.


We’re not the type to boast or brag, even if we have reason to. We’re good at what we do, take care of each other, and get the job done. We’re known for being humble, but perhaps we undersell ourselves sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with touting our achievements and promoting Manitoba to the world. 


Manitoba is perfectly positioned to compete on the global stage. Our homegrown talent is world-class, and we have a solid track record to run on. We are already demonstrating leadership in several sectors, including technology, aerospace, transportation, agriculture, and resource development.


We are also blessed with an abundance of natural resources, including sources of green energy. Worldwide companies are not only recruiting our talent but are investing in resource development and new technologies in Manitoba. Many are choosing to locate their operations right here which generates employment and further economic spinoff.  Manitoba is attracting significant international attention and capital investment. The future is bright. We have good reason to be promoting our people and our province. Perhaps we should be even more vocal about what we can offer the world.


During my cabinet post and time as a Winnipeg City Councillor, I witnessed just how innovative and accomplished Manitobans can be. I was fortunate enough to hear from so many grassroots Manitobans – each with a story to share about their challenges and successes. Their journeys and accomplishments were nothing short of inspiring.


But success doesn’t come easy – it’s earned and involves many variables, including what role government should take. People I spoke to made it clear what they wanted and expected from their elected officials. They want representatives who understand working for a living and that the government best serves the people by removing obstacles rather than creating them. They want leadership with common sense carved from real-life experience and overcoming adversity but with the courage and conviction to make the tough decisions. Vision is one thing, but it needs to be grounded by a sense of reality and life experience. And most of all, they expect their elected officials to champion Manitoba and its people – to advocate tirelessly and create new opportunities by showcasing our talent and achievements to the world. Good governance fixes problems, but real leadership opens new doors for its people.


Yes, we face many challenges in Manitoba, but we also have what it takes to address them and the skills, talent and resources to take this great province to the next level.

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