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Man Out of Control Oblivious to Taser

(Winnipeg Police Release)

WINNIPEG - On May 4, 2020, at 4:40 a.m., Winnipeg Police responded to a disturbance call at a Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Station located in the first hundred block of Furby Street. The initial report indicated that an agitated male was banging on the windows of the station. The male subsequently armed himself with a piece of wood, which he began swinging violently. Responding officers located the suspect in a residential yard in the 600 block of Bannatyne Avenue, where he became extremely combative with police. Residents were advised to remain in their homes until the situation could be brought under control. Numerous police units responded to the incident. The male began fighting, and officers made various attempts to subdue him, including pepper-spray and multiple deployments of conducted energy weapons (CEW – Taser) with no effect. Ultimately, eight officers were required to forcibly bring the male to the ground, where assisting paramedics were required to sedate him. Two officers sustained injuries in the encounter, with one being transported and treated in hospital. The male, 28, was transported to hospital in stable condition, where he remains in treatment. No charges have been laid at this time.


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