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Klein Wants Leadership to Step Up During COVID Crisis

WINNIPEG, MB. - Councillor Kevin Klein said we need more than a press conference pointing fingers at other levels of Government from city leadership and administration to address the COVID crisis we are experiencing today.

"It is not enough to hold a press conference to say what should be done. The city leadership needs to put safety measures in place, such as limiting bus capacity," said Klein

"We have all seen the photos shared on social media of buses filled to capacity. Why is the council not addressing this potential major spreader? Leadership is not taking appropriate action to protect those Winnipeg residents who rely on Public Transportation."

The city should not only penalize those purposefully gathering to violate health orders but should be as rigid on any individuals who gather regardless of the purpose.

Klein said, "this is a critical moment in our fight against COVID-19. As leaders, we need to take definitive action to keep our residents safe, reduce the risks of spreading the virus and lead our community out of this pandemic.

The Councillor is encouraging everyone who has not booked their vaccine appointment to do it now.


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