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Klein Says, Our Winnipeg Misses The Mark

WINNIPEG, MB. - Councillor Kevin Klein is not supporting the Our Winnipeg plan that the Mayor and his Executive Policy Councillors changed today. However, Klein said it is disappointing that an opportunity to show leadership and work with all councillors was ignored when establishing the framework for our future."

"It is not enough to pay homage to green space to defend questions at the next election. We need to do better," said Klein.

"For example, the mayor's inner circle did not take action to protect our precious riverbanks from development. There is no plan or strategy to increase green space to meet the population needs and growth."

Most importantly, Klein said many members of the mayor's inner-circle who previously supported the failed Impact Fee, which was ruled illegal in court, have opened the door to another attempt to collect that tax.

"The fact there is no Cost-benefit analysis in the document is reason enough not to support Our Winnipeg. Industry leaders, former council members, and others have said they were shocked that no cost-benefit analysis was completed or required in future development. Thus, opening the door to new taxes," said Klein on Wednesday.

Councillor Klein is encouraging all residents to contact their Councillor and the mayor's office to express their concern with the trojan horse passed today at EPC.


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