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Klein Calls for End to Closed-Door Meetings of TAC

Kevin Klein today took the first step of his commitment to ending all Behind closed-door meetings that impact Winnipeggers.

Klein introduced a motion regarding how the Transit Advisory Committee (TAC) works.

Currently, the TAC holds meetings that are not open to the public, delegations are not permitted, and any communications are limited to reports through a different committee.

Today Klein's motion is to end the closed-door meetings of TAC and make them open to the traditional public hearing process.

"Residents have lost trust in the city council, and the continuation of closed-door meetings only erodes any remaining confidence," said Klein.

2022 is the year of change. Residents want strong leaders, not cheerleaders of the Status Quo.

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Hi great jobs your doing but my biggest concern is the civic centre situation it’s just unbelievable and here we go again about all the bull shit coming from the mayor and council

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