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Klein Supports Bear Clan Plan to Help Those in Bus Shelters

WINNIPEG, MB. - For several days, Winnipeg residents have shared their concern for those members of our community seeking refuge in bus shelters.

Councillor Kevin Klein (Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood) reached out to Indigenous leaders and the Bear Clan to discuss what could be done for people to make them feel comfortable accepting the offer of a warm place to sleep and eat during these brutal winter temperatures.

Today with colleague Councillor Brian Mayes (St. Vital), Councillor Klein announces a $4,000 Wellness Grant, and Mayes provides $1000 for a total of $5000.

Klein said, “I believe in the importance of speaking to elders and working with the community to find answers. I learned it's about feeling safe or comfortable with an offer of help. The familiar faces of the Bear Clan Patrol members will help make the transition to an appropriate facility easier. I just wanted to do something. We needed to take action on this."

The grant funding will allow the Bear Clan to take a leadership role, by visiting bus shelters, offering a warm place for the night, some food, and something warm to drink.

I spoke to Councillor Mayes about the project, he immediately said he would help with some funding. We may not always agree on policy, but I find us on the same page for many issues, and I am very grateful for his Bear Clan Patrol support today.


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