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Indigenous, Metis, First Nations Engagement and Prosperity

Thursday, September 29, 2022 - As mayor, Kevin Klein will create the role of Indigenous Economic Development Officer who will work with Indigenous business leaders and entrepreneurs, to create economic opportunities and a pathway to sustainability and prosperity in Winnipeg, building on other programs such as the National Indigenous Economic Development Board of Canada.

The National Indigenous Economic Strategy is built upon four Strategic Pathways (People, Land, Infrastructure and Finance), and includes specific “Calls to Economic Prosperity” that can be supported by all Canadians, governments, businesses, and institutions to realize economic parity for all Indigenous peoples.

Klein said, “As Mayor I will work to build pathways to success with tangible actions such as Indigenous Economic Zones.”

Klein also announced he will create a new Indigenous Council Committee with leaders from the Inuit, Red River Metis, Treaty One Nations, Dakota Nations, and Cree Nations. “I have been listening to residents and indigenous leaders throughout our city and have heard that we must have a place in City Hall for indigenous voices working side by side to rebuild our shared future together. My Indigenous Council Committee will be held in the Council Chambers open to the public, call council members and media.”


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