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Indecent Act on City Bus

WINNIPEG, MB. - During the month of April, detectives from the Winnipeg Police Service Sex Crimes Unit became aware of two separate incidents of sexual assault and indecent acts, one on a transit bus and one at St. Vital Mall.

On April 4, while traveling on a transit bus, an unknown male committed an indecent act in front of a female passenger and within eyesight of several other passengers.

On April 20, while walking through St. Vital Mall, an unknown male grabbed the buttocks of a female shopper and then a second female shopper just a short time later.

Investigators were able to identify a suspect linked to all three incidents.

Richard Friesen, a 33-year-old of Winnipeg, has been charged with Sexual Assault and Indecent Act.

He was released on a Court Order.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of an incident of this nature, you are encouraged to call 911 if the situation is urgent or our non-emergency number at 204-986-622. You can also contact our Sex Crimes Unit directly at 204-986-6245.


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