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Great News For Hip and Knee Replacement Patients

Wednesday, April 5, 2023 - Our PC government has made it easier for eligible Manitobans recovering from total hip and knee replacement surgery to get physiotherapy and rehabilitation services from any Manitoba physiotherapy clinic.

The changes announced today will help patients access the care they need now. By streamlining the billing processes and providing comprehensive support. Officials said they are also removing barriers and freeing up health-care providers to focus on delivering care to patients across Manitoba.

As of April 1, the Manitoba Physiotherapy Association (MPA) will manage all physiotherapy billing services for eligible adult outpatients recovering from total hip and knee replacement surgery. Under the contract, all registered physiotherapists in Manitoba are eligible for reimbursement. This is an interim agreement until a more permanent billing arrangement is established, which is expected to take place in the coming months.

With an investment of over $2.5 million, an estimated 6,100 eligible patients recovering from total hip and knee replacement surgery will have access to and coverage for physiotherapy and rehabilitation at their Manitoba provider of choice and as part of their continued care, noted Gordon.

“The Manitoba Physiotherapy Association is pleased to help Manitobans as they receive well-needed care across the province from their physiotherapists of choice and in their communities,” said Anna DiMarco, president, Manitoba Physiotherapy Association. “The MPA is well positioned and eager to provide interim billing services for all Manitoba physiotherapy clinics until alternative, permanent third-party billing arrangements are put in place.”

Since October 2022, the Manitoba government has arranged direct-bill contracts at three private clinics for post-operative outpatient physiotherapy and rehabilitation care for patients. In this next phase, patients can receive care at any Manitoba physiotherapy clinic with billing services run through the MPA. Patients who have had total hip or knee replacement surgery since Jan. 1, and who have not received treatment can qualify for up to six individual physiotherapy sessions or 10 group sessions starting April 1. Connecting eligible patients with this care is part of their discharge process following surgery.

The Manitoba government established the Diagnostic and Surgical Recovery Task Force in late 2021 to address waitlists for diagnostic and surgical procedures, and other related services affected by the pandemic. Supported by experts from across Canada, the team of respected local health-care professionals identify and implement short- and long-term solutions to improve surgical and diagnostic waitlists and make overall lasting improvements to Manitoba’s health-care system.


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