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Concerns Force Klein to Resign from WPB

After careful reflection, consideration, and discussion with mentors, I decided to resign as Chair of the Winnipeg Police Board.

I read comments made by the Mayor in several media outlets concerning my resignation. I knew making this decision blame would be the response as it always seems to be. There has been too much division created by this Government. I refuse to participate and intend to focus on positive discussions with residents. Hear their concerns, ideas, and hopes, that make our City the leader in Canada.

I would be remiss not to acknowledge the dedication and commitment to our City of the board members. I'm grateful for the open and frank discussions over the past several months and for getting to know many of them personally. They give their time and energy to make a difference in Winnipeg, and I applaud them, I'm proud to have been their colleague and remain their friend.

I'm also proud to have stood alongside the brave women and men of our Winnipeg Police Service. The professionalism members exhibited during the pension turmoil, in the face of international criticism, and apologize as I can't imagine working feeling you have no support from this level of Government.

Stay tuned, and shortly we will announce a new initiative that will engage the community and together help develop Winnipeg solutions together as one.

Here is the letter I sent to Mayor Bowman, board members, and all City Councillors.


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