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First Wastewater Infrastructure Task Force Meeting a Success

Transparency is vital to the residents I serve and is a commitment I made when putting my name on a ballot to represent my community.

I am happy to report back on the first Wastewater Infrastructure Task Force meeting with representatives from our Manitoba government and the City of Winnipeg meeting of the City of Winnipeg Wastewater Infrastructure Task Force.

The meeting with task force members Councillor Brian Mayes, Michael Paterson, a senior research scientist for the Experimental Lakes Area, and Jan Oleszkiewicz, a professor of wastewater treatment, as well as technical and scientific staff and field experts from the city and province, provided everyone with the opportunity to discuss the current status of the wastewater infrastructure projects and to share ideas and solutions to wastewater infrastructure challenges and concerns.

The City of Winnipeg’s update made it clear that they are working to remove as much phosphorus as possible in the short term and that over the medium term, biological nutrient removal provides the best approach to wastewater treatment for several reasons, including cost and environmental sustainability.

The Task Force members discussed phosphorus removal using chemical and biological methods, sustainability and capacity, nutrient recovery and costs.

“It was some real moving forward and clearing the air about what we are going to do about wastewater treatment, including phosphorus removal and building capacity for development over the long term. Staff were clear that we are committed to our approach and to making progress,” said Councillor Brian Mayes.

The next meeting of the task force is scheduled for July.


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