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We WIll Pay 15% More After Council Voted NO to Helping Main Street

WINNIPEG, MB. - The Main Street Projects Outreach Van answers the call from the City of Winnipeg to address residents in encampments, bus shelters, and those who need a safe, warm bed, all at NO CHARGE.

However, the Main Street Resource Van had to cut their service in half because of no funding. That meant police or fire/paramedics would have to respond at a cost that is 15 times higher.

Councillor Kevin Klein (Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood) found the money that could help to put the van back into service.

But, how did your City Councillor vote? Did they say yes to helping or no?

Click here to listen in as Kevin Klein speaks with the Executive Director of the Main Street Project who explained all the work they do for the City of Winnipeg at no charge and their funding needs.


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