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AIR-1 Follows Truck Through Charleswood

Winnipeg, MB - On December 26, 2020, at approximately 11:35 p.m., a Winnipeg Police Service marked General Patrol unit attempted to conduct a traffic stop in the downtown area on a Toyota Tacoma truck with no licence plates. The vehicle fled but was not pursued by officers. It was briefly spotted a short time later on Maryland Street and was then observed travelling westbound on Portage Avenue.

A general patrol unit again followed the vehicle from a distance and requested the assistance of Air1. Air1 followed the vehicle as it drove for approximately 45 minutes, driving out to Headingly, Manitoba, via Roblin Boulevard. The vehicle then returned to the city.

The suspect continued to drive eastbound at high speeds and in a dangerous manner, which included driving into oncoming traffic. The suspect went back into the downtown area to Sherbrook Street, where he again drove into oncoming traffic, but without incident.

At 12:30 a.m., the suspect collided with a civilian vehicle at Sherbrook and Portage. The driver was arrested at the scene, during which time he confronted officers with a knife, and a conducted energy weapon (TASER) was deployed. The lone occupant of the civilian vehicle did not require medical attention. The suspect did require medical attention as he suffered injuries from the collision. He was transported to hospital and treated for his injuries, and released into police custody.

Dakota Kenneth Edward TRIPP, 28, of Pelican Rapids, Manitoba, has been charged with:

  1. Dangerous Operation of a Conveyance

  2. Flight While Pursued by Police

  3. Possess Weapon

  4. Operation of a Conveyance While Impaired by Alcohol or Drug

  5. Drive Suspended

  6. Warrant of Arrest x 2

The accused was detained in custody.

Due to the injuries sustained by the accused, the Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba was informed of the details surrounding the incident. The IIU is assuming a monitoring role but may revisit that decision if new information arises.


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