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Winnipeg's "We Know Best Leadership" Needs to Change

By: Winnipeg City Councillor Kevin Klein serving Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood

I realized very early in my first term that residents were frustrated with the notification of developments in their neighbourhoods. We immediately began speaking with various residents and researching the issue.

Infill development in Winnipeg started as all change has under Mayor Bowman and his EPC majority, with little consideration for residents. Tall, skinny homes were taking over streets and changing the character of the neighbourhood drastically.

The discussion and research clearly showed that the current City of Winnipeg Notice of Development sign is inadequate. Today the city uses a yellow piece of paper, with legal wording placed somewhere on the property.

How could anyone see or understand that notification?

After research several other cities in Canada, I moved a motion in 2019 at the Property, Planning, and Development Standing Policy Committee. The motion would have change development signs to what you see in the example below.

The Mayor and his EPC majority team defeated my motion quickly. Councillor Rollins, who fully supported the idea at our PP&D vote, and in fact agreed to join Councillor Lukes and I in paying for a trial sign, voted to defeat the motion. One must assume that would be the direction made to the Mayor's EPC majority team members.

Councillor's Allard and Orlikow said it was their idea first, and they already asked for a report to implement larger signs four years ago.

My response? Great, why are they not being used?

The Public Service and the Mayor's EPC Team said the larger signs would be implemented beginning early 2020, they are on it.

And? Nothing has changed. Today it's the same old tiny yellow signs.

The lack of managerial skills and experience among the Mayor and his Executive Policy Committee is more evident with each of these failures.

The Public Service, Mayor, and EPC refuse to consider new ideas. They ignore the experience other Council members bring to the chamber. Click here for more evidence.

The "we know best" leadership of the Mayor and his EPC needs to change to start changing the city for the better.

Have your voice heard, call the Mayor and your area City Councillor. Tell them the Mayor's EPC rule must go.

The City of Calgary Development Notice Sign

The City of Edmonton Development Notice Sign


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