Winnipeg Snow Clearing 2021

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Snow Clearing Status

This page provides the current snow clearing and ice control activities. During a major snow event, it also provides a Google map (with an address search and legend) that shows snow clearing progress for all streets, sidewalks and pathways by city area.

Priorities and Maps

The following pages explain the streets, sidewalks and pathways priority system (P1, P3, P3) and the associated level of service. The pages include Google maps with an address search and legend. A useful summary for definitions, priorities and level of service is attached.



Enhanced clearing of priority Active Transportation routes

Here is the link to the information on the City's website regarding the Active Transportation priority & map -

This page includes a Google map with an address search and legend.

There are also a number of FAQs (questions 24 to 30) on the snow webpages about the enhanced clearing of priority Active Transportation routes (under snow clearing) at

Additional key pages

The maps below will provide you information about about our wards snow zones and the sidewalk priorities.

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