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Winnipeg Ambulance Contract - Still No Answers

Winnipeg City Councillor Kevin Klein serving Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood

On October 5th, I began questioning the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service regarding long wait times for ambulances not brought to the attention of City Councillors or the public.

Once we started asking questions designed to drill down, we certainly learned a great deal, but much remains undisclosed. More at Why Mislead Residents. And that is concerning to me as it puts the health of residents in jeopardy.

This administration recently took to social media and media to negotiate a still unsigned contract between two government levels. Not something an experienced leader would rely on to resolve an issue. The result was helpful to residents.

Shared Health in a Winnipeg Sun article and Minister of Health Cameron Friesen on Twitter both stated Mayor Bowman was "misleading residents."

So what is the truth behind the contract for Paramedic/Ambulance Service between the City of Winnipeg and Shared Health? The committee responsible is the Finance Committee, Chaired by Councillor Gillingham. I appeared before that committee to get answers. The Public Service nor the committee addressed my questions. Watch below.

The Paramedic/Ambulance is a critical service and issue facing our community. It's the job of elected officials to hold people representing Winnipeg accountable. Ask challenging questions, and demand full disclosure. Who is not sharing all the facts? Who is negotiating in bad faith? Who is making the decisions that cause our residents to wait for an ambulance?

I intend to find the answers for you, and then fix the problems for all of us.


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