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Why Mislead Winnipeg Taxpayers?

Winnipeg City Councillor Kevin Klein serving Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood

On October 5th, during our Assiniboia Community Committee during the WFPS presentation of their Master Plan to spend over $200 million in ten years, I wanted to focus on drilling down instead of spending more money.

The questions started with wanting an explanation of the deteriorating ambulance services in our city. The answers received that day lead us to drill down further.

During my two years in office, I have continuously heard this leadership blame the Province for many things, including the claim the Province doesn't pay their fair share.

So, I asked a specific question regarding the budget for Ambulance Services. The numbers I spoke of were an error because the information was received late in December. For this reason, they said the budget line couldn't be changed. Fact: the administration had three months to correct it before the vote went to City Council, but they didn't.

A multi-million dollar oops in the City of Winnipeg budget, how does that build trust? No experienced leader would allow such an error.

Since October 5th, we have seen the Health Minister on Twitter, and Shared Health in news articles state Mayor Bowman is misleading residents. This behaviour is not becoming of a leader.

I remain committed to working collaboratively with this administration. We can engage in more professional dialogue to reach a mutually beneficial outcome for Winnipeg Taxpayers.


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