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Where Ideas Go To Die

WINNIPEG, MB. - Once again, an idea brought forward by a member of City Council who is not one of the Mayor's Executive Policy Councillors (EPC) dies with no debate, no discussion, no questions, no inquiries, and no collaboration.

Klein shares a recent example of a composting tax-credit idea that died and the EPC alternative, if and when it is city-wide, may cost taxpayers more money.

What was the Composting Tax-Credit Motion?

Let's begin with a few organic waste “Did You Knows.”

  • Solid Waste Collection Expenses - $25 Million per year

  • Solid Waste Disposal Expenses - $15 Million per year

  • Long Term Landfill Expenses not included

  • Total Expense (Collection + Disposal) - $40 Million per year

  • Total Garbage in 2020 – 195,000 Metric Tonnes

  • 44% of Residential Garbage is Compostable Organics

According to the Public Service, implementing the collection of organics would be very costly to taxpayers. I think people are paying more than enough and would welcome a new approach.

Winnipeg has very ambitious green objectives, but we are doing little to achieve them.

We can use funding from the green initiative reserve account to support the implementation and staffing. The concept is not new. The Mayor’s Executive Policy Committee Member’s approved the same thing two years ago for another internal position.

I have received emails from residents in support of the concept. One has been compositing for 30-years. A few reminded me of a time when the City handed out free composting bins.

At home composting can work in tandem with green bin collection. They can complement each other. They are not competing policies. My motion is not meant to override the current green bin pilot project. Like recycling, at home composting is just another tool in the toolbox.

The motion is meant to be cost neutral. There should be no additional cost to the city. $1 million in rebates must equate to $1 million in cost savings in collection, disposal, and long-term dumping costs. That is why I am asking for a report back.

We have been discussing organic waste collection for years at City Hall, and we only have a pilot project at present.

If a resident makes the city more efficient, more environmentally friendly, reducing costs, making the city a better place to live then they should directly benefit from their efforts.

I want to focus on results, getting things done for our City. I want to get things done.


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