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Where are the Flashing Amber Lights in School Zones?

March 11, 2022 - Councillor Kevin Klein worked to bring Flashing Amber Lights to Winnipeg schools zones for more than two years before being approved at Winnipeg City Council.

"Since being approved by Council, only one set of flashing amber lights were installed," said Klein

Klein spoke to Mr. Lewis of Expert Electric, who agreed to provide the amber flashing lights to the City of Winnipeg free of charge to learn why he hasn't installed more of the lights.

Lewis told Klein that officials from the City of Winnipeg had not contacted him for several months to resolve an outstanding contract issue, which is why Mr. Lewis has not installed any more lights.

"This is part of my concern with City Hall, and I will not sit back and let this generous offer and safety feature be ignored like many issues at city hall. There is a council directive that the Public Service must implement," said Kevin Klein

Klein is moving a motion requesting the Public Service to provide details on this Council-approved gift status.

A copy of the motion is below;


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