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Water & Sewer Work to Begin on Lamont

WINNIPEG, MB. - Residents who live on Lamont Boulevard between Nanton Blvd to 215 Lamont Boulevard will be dealing with construction.

The City of Winnipeg is about to begin a project to restore the aging sewer at this location to keep it functioning properly.

There are two phases to the work. Phase one is cleaning the sewer, which was completed last summer. Phase two involves installing a new liner in the sewer, will take place late this winter or early this spring.

In both phases

  • The work in front of your home or business will take about four to six hours.

  • The contractor will deliver an information package at least twenty-four hours before the work begins to explain the process in more detail. The information package recommends that you take some simple precautions to help prevent water damage in your home or building.

During construction

  • Your water service will not be interrupted.

  • There may be brief interruptions in your sewer service, but we will coordinate this with you in advance.

  • Very noisy equipment will be running.

  • Traffic on your street will be restricted to local access only.

  • There will be some parking restrictions. To keep your children safe, please keep them away from the construction site at all times.

The City of Winnipeg will restore any damaged boulevard and pavement areas as soon as possible. I understand that this project may cause you some inconvenience and I appreciate your patience.

Please call 311 with any project concerns or questions.


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