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Klein to Create Infrastructure Master Plan Based on Priorities

Mayoral candidate, Kevin Klein, knows that the City of Winnipeg needs strong financial leadership going forward. As of June 2022, the City of Winnipeg faces a general revenue deficit of $55.9 million and a transit shortfall of $14.7 million. To balance this year’s budget, the City may have to transfer from the reserve fund. The reserve fund is currently projected to be $20.1 million at the end of 2022, far lower than the mandated minimum balance of over $70 million.

My plan is simple. Utilize the remaining money committed in the $300 million Regional Roads agreement (set to expire in 2025). Winnipeg needs a strategic plan for infrastructure and road renewal to prioritize projects based on industry professionals. I will commit $2 million on the creation of an Infrastructure Plan for the City, created by industry experts to help Winnipeg identify strategic priorities. Not political promises used to buy votes.

Our plan will address the long-term infrastructure needs of roads, bridges, water and sewer systems to avoid unnecessary duplication of work. We will publish the results so the public can track the progress. This plan will allow for prioritization and informed decision-making.

The status quo is not working. Over the last 8 years, you have paid 16% more in property tax specifically for road work. Under Bowman and Scott Gillingham, recently, those funds have been redirected to cover budget shortfalls. As Mayor, I will stop the mismanagement of your money. My plan will stop these practices and unnecessary costs that stem from poor planning. RFP’s must have clear budgetary expectations and measurable outcomes for every project.

We need to take the politics out of our roads, maintenance, and infrastructure programs. By using advisory boards along with partnerships with leaders and department heads across various sectors, we can receive front-line and resident input to best serve taxpayers.

Klein said, "When making decisions, I will ensure we are listening to the priorities of residents and industry who pay us to provide proper, safe, and reliable infrastructure to keep our city moving into the future.

"Good planning makes great cities," said Klein.


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