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WINNIPEG, MB. - Winnipeg WAV will provide a universal access point for users of on-demand accessible transportation service to request a trip. The service also aims to improve wait-times for passengers by increasing the industry’s accessible vehicle capacity and expanding service hours.

By participating in the pilot, accessible vehicle drivers and owners can earn financial incentives (up to $2,250/year for drivers and up to $2,500/year for owners). These incentives are meant to assist owners with the additional costs associated with purchasing and maintaining accessible vehicles and for drivers in operating an accessible vehicle. Incentives will be based on customer service metrics, including number of trips provided through Winnipeg WAV, customer service rating, trip acceptance rates, expanded hours of service, and passing inspections.

The budget for the pilot is $1.8 million, and is being funded entirely through the existing accessibility surcharge on vehicle for hire trips.

Winnipeg WAV is scheduled to launch in fall 2021. For more information, please visit:


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