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Transit Safety and Transit System Improvements.

Winnipeg, Man. (September 27, 2022) - Aligned with my commitment to transparency and public participation in the election process, below you will find my commitment to the Winnipeg transit system & transit safety. I have also posted copies of much of my previous work on the topic below.

Commitments to the Winnipeg Transit System and Transit System Safety

a. Engage with student unions to expand the UPass to year round service

b. Engage with Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology to include students in the UPass program

c. Establish a force of dedicated police/peace officers or cadets to monitor and immediately respond to incidents on the transit system

d. Develop a publicly accessible reporting system for safety within the transit system.

e. Establish a publicly accessible Geographic Information System (GIS) map with all incidents that occur within the transit system.

f. Require all transit buses to be equipped with first aid kits which include Naloxone.

g. Initiate adoption of electrification within the Transit system as old equipment leaves the fleet.

h. Require meetings of the Transit Advisory Committee to be clerked and transparent to the public similar to all other Committees.

i. Develop a new transit route request system to allow for improved service routes, in particular working directly with businesses in industrial and commercial areas to ensure employees can get to and from work at all hours required by businesses to function. Remove the 6 month wait time for additional routes which are requested by businesses and residents.

j. Free transit for those 15 and under, due to legal restrictions on the ability of those 15 and under to work and afford a transit fare.

Previous Policy and Commitments to Transit Safety:

I have also passed many motions, and called for Special Meetings of Council to work to reduce violence in the community and tackle the safety issues in the transit system, as well as poverty support motions:

I have called for meetings on Transit Safety and the Transit Advisory Committee to be made public, and no longer held behind closed doors:


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