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Time to Address Rider Safety on Transit

WINNIPEG, MB: I have concerns with the current Transit Master Plan. There are some significant financial questions not being answered. Approval of this plan would max the city's credit. There is a risk that we must consider.

There should be a rapid transit route which on one bus connects Red River College's main campus to HSC / U of M to downtown to U of M main campus.

Any transit plan not based on 100% electrification is insufficient. Was light rail transit considered? It was fifteen years ago. A Master Plan should move us forward and be functional twenty-five years from now, not just be more of the status quo.

Finally, the Master Plan doesn't address a primary concern I hear from residents, using transit isn't safe.

We recently saw reports of the protective transit screen breaking when a bottle was thrown at one. I have had residents call me about people refusing to wear masks while riding the bus. They are afraid for their health. Others have reported that people will take a shopping bag if they sit too close to a door, and many are afraid to use transit to attend events because of having to wait for a bus downtown at night.

I realize nobody wants to speak about this, but someone has to. Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

Quality data is required to inform policy, direct investments, and for appropriate planning. I will NOT spend over one billion dollars of resident's money on a master plan that is half done. That doesn't make any sense.

Let's collect the data. Review the facts and focus on solutions that keep everyone safe. We have an opportunity to change the status quo at City Hall and do things differently.


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