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This Week in Kirkfield Park

Monday, February 20, 2023 - It was a productive week in our constituency with resident meetings, briefing on key projects our government is working on, a special birthday visit, and some work for Old Grants Mill.

I kicked off the week visiting a longtime Kirkfield Park resident, Stella, to present her with a special certificate celebrating her 90th birthday. I had so much fun reading to a group of grade 1 and 2 students at the St. Charles Catholic School as part of Love to Read Month, thank you to all the students and teachers.

In my role as Minister for Environment and CLimate, I had an official meeting, Wednesday, with the Minister of Environment and Climate Change for Canada, Steven Guilbeault and MPP Terry Duguid. It was an introductory meeting, but I was pleased with the topics we discussed and look forward to meeting again soon.

I also participated in a meeting with some colleagues and the Catholic Women's League. Friday I was asked to represent our Premier Heather Stefanson, at the official unveiling of a new Tommy Prince memorial display and in the evening at the kick off of Festival du Voyageur.

I continue to work with community members and the City of WInnipeg on funding opportunities for Grants Old Mill. There is more work to do, but I will not give up until we receive a commitment to the group of volunteers who are the stewarts of our Kirkfield Park landmark and attraction.

What an ending to the week. I visited a new locally owned business in our community, The Dreamland Diner (a must try) and volunteered at the Sturgeon Heights Community Centre.

If you have an issue, questions, or wish to talk about how we can work together to obtain funding for a community group please call me at 204-888-2211 or email,


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