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Winnipeg North End Treatment Plant, 20 Years Later And It's Still Not Done

Through insightful discussions and in-depth analysis, the Let's Talk Manitoba podcast will ensure that no stone is left unturned, scrutinizing policies, decisions, and promises made by politicians. By fostering open dialogue and encouraging transparency, I hope to empower the public with information and encouraging responsible governance at every level.

In Episode One of Let's Talk Manitoba, we discuss an issue that has been outstanding for decades,

In 2003 the Clean Environment Commission told the NDP Government of the day that Winnipeg's North End Treatment Plant needed to be replaced, that direction was ignored by both provincial and city elected officials. Fast forward twenty-years and the outstanding issues have multiplied but elected officials continue to ignore them.

Listen in as I speak with Councillor Brian Mayes, Chair of the Water and Waste Committee at the City of Winnipeg about the North End Treatment plant and polluting of Lake Winnipeg.


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