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The federal Liberals are asleep at the switch over consequences of temporary resident policies

The Trudeau Liberals have been asleep at the switch for the last couple of years and are only now coming to terms with how its temporary residence policies have been contributing to staggering inflation and a raging housing crisis in Canada.

In 2023, non-permanent resident inflows of workers, students and refugees swelled to over 800,000 – the fastest population growth Canada has seen since 1957. The number of temporary residents in Canada has reached 2.5 Million people or 6.2% of our population.

With few checks and balances in place, the federal government’s complete disregard for the consequences of out of control immigration growth has put tremendous stress on housing supply and infrastructure in Canada. The unsustainable influx of temporary residents over the last two years is one of the primary causes of Canada’s housing crisis. It is driving up rents and further contributing to rising interest rates. In other words, a major source of inflationary pressure on our economy has been due to the willful neglect of the federal government to control immigration.

Read more in the Winnipeg Sun, click here.


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